This elegant timepiece will impress you with its extremely fine, carved indexes and classical hands. It has been designed according to the highest principles of traditional watchmaking. The watch comes with complications, including a moon phase, but its overall look is clear and lucid. The round shapes used in the design of the dial contribute to a graceful appearance of this exquisite watch.

The Moon phase

This iconic moon phase watch mimics the moon’s transformation through the starry night from full to new and back again over the course of a month. The phases are in the clearly visible 6’o-clock position. Mankind has been obsessed with measuring time since ancient times. The phases of the moon were one way to measure months. However, moon phase wristwatches only became more common at the beginning of the 20th century. The models captivate watchmakers and watch connoisseurs alike.

Butterfly clasp

The solid butterfly clasp of the stainless steel bracelet guarantees an extraordinarily smooth and secure wearing experience. The seven-links design of the stainless steel bracelet allows greater flexibility and thus ensures supreme wearing comfort. The crisp clicking sound every time you close the buckle of the bracelet is another sign of high quality.


1 - The Master Series Moonphase